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What is peer editing? This is where you share your writing with one or more classmates. Sometimes this is a whole class activity, directed by the teacher. Other times it undertaken as a paired or group activity that is enabled by google docs through the sharing function.

Why do we do it?
It will make you a better writer by widening your audience. It will also give you a second chance to improve your work before it is graded.

What do I do during a peer edit?
That depend on whether it is your essay or another students that is being graded. It also depends on which type of peer editing we are doing. In a whole class peer edit, if your essay is being workshopped by the class, you will have a copy of the essay out to take notes on while your teacher and fellow students discuss the merits and liabilities of your writing. If you the peer editing session is a pair share where you have swapped essays through google docs, and your essay is the subject of discussion, then you will be able to recive feedback through a worksheet and through the commenting function of google docs.

If you are the reviewer, your role is even more active. You will either contribute to a class discussion on a classmate's essay or you will be writing comments using google docs and filling out a worksheet.

The worksheet might look like this: