How can I make learning fun? 2017

Rules we made in Sp 17 about teaching.

Class Expectations document here


What can a doctor teach us about student/teacher interactions?

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What can a cop teach us about school?

Can Yoda unschool you?

Don't "try" to teach, teach

Can Morpheus turn you into "the one"?

If a blind man can ride a bike, what can you do?

544: Batman
544: Batman

544: Batman

Jan 9, 2015


Can the way you stand or sit give you power over others?

Does shame work?

What do we really know?

Why do we cut recess when children enter high school?

Should we hide our weaknesses from our students?

Are goals, objectives, rewards, praise and punishment

good for students?

Wu What? Not only do you not have to try, you shouldn't try.

Is intelligence fixed?

What is the secret of flOw?

What is more important than talent, more important that intelligence, and more important effort?

Do teachers have to be heroes? What is a monomyth?

Can the brain change itself?

Are our brains plastic?

The mind/problem is a teacher's opportunity

The practice of breathing

It's not whether you praise you students, it's how you praise them. . . .


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